Roads and Streets

Most cities and districts have two distinct roading networks – one covering state highways which is owned and maintained by the government body, NZ Transport Agency, and the other being a local roading network which is the responsibility of the local council.

Rotorua Lakes Council manages its local network of streets and roads, whilst the NZ Transport Agency manages the state highways in the district.

If you have any enquiries about local roads or streets in Rotorua district, please Contact Us.


Footpath maintenance, Footpath damage

High Productivity Motor vehicles

High Productivity Motor Vehicle (HPMV) Application Permits (Rotorua) approved routes

Road Corridor Access

Applying for a road Corridor Access, Site and lay plan

Roading Projects

Completed and current works, Local road reseals, Local road capitol works programme

Vehicle Crossings

Urban Residential, urban Commercial/Industrial, Rural Residential, Rural Commercial/Tanker Crossing

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