Road Closures

Targa Bambina 2015 Rally

Date: Sunday 17 May 2015
Time: 12pm to 4.30pm

Ngakuru / Waikite Stage

Roads: Ohakuri Rd - From the Dam to its intersection with Parsons Rd, (includes intersections with Matapan Rd, Maleme Rd, & Dunkirk Rd)

Parsons Rd - From Ohakuri Rd to Nicholson Rd (includes intersections with Dunkirk Rd, Galatos Rd)

Nicholson Rd - From Parsons Rd to Poutakataka Rd

Poutakataka Rd - From Nicholson Rd to Whirinaki Valley Rd (includes intersections with Totara Rd, Galatos Rd)

Whirinaki Valley Rd - From Poutakataka Rd to Mangatete South Rd

Mangatete Rd South - From Whirinaki Valley Rd to Waikite Valley Rd

Hossack Rd - From Waikite Valley Rd to Corbett Rd (includes intersection with Hossack Rd Extension)

Corbett Rd - From Hossack Rd to Rehi Rd (includes intersections with River Plate Rd, Tumunui Rd)

Rehi Rd - From Corbett Rd to Waikaukau Rd (includes intersection with Twist Rd)

Waikaukau Rd - From Rehi Rd (Twist Rd intersection) to Bryce Rd

Bryce Rd - From Waikaukau Rd to SH30 (includes intersection with Barber Rd West)

Paradise Valley Stage

Time: 2.15pm to 5.30pm


Paradise Valley Rd - From to Endean Rd to finish at “Open Road” sign 0.45km from SH 5

Note:  Access to Paradise Valley Springs will remain from the Clayton Rd (Rotorua) end



Note: Rotorua Lakes Council is the operating name of Rotorua District Council

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