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The life span of a district plan is up to ten years before it must be reviewed. The Operative Rotorua District Plan was one of the first to be prepared under the Resource Management Act 1991. The Operative Plan has undergone an intensive review with the exception of Part 20 Lakes A Zone.  The Lakes A Zone includes lakes Okataina, Tarawera, Rotomahana, Okaro, Rotokakahi (Green), Tikitapu (Blue) and Okareka including their catchments, but does not form part of this review. The next district plan, called the Proposed Rotorua District Plan was notified on 31 October 2012. The process for public participation in the consideration of the Proposed Plan under the Act is outlined below.

FAQs about making the plan operative


Submissions and ‘Summary of Decisions Requested’ Report

Submissions to the Proposed Rotorua District Plan closed on 1 March 2013 with 518 submissions received. The revised ‘Summary of Decisions Requested’, which summarises the decisions requested by submitters was publicly released on 14 September 2013. Click the link to view the Submissions and Summary of Decisions Requested report.

Further Submissions

Any person has an opportunity to submit in support or in opposition to these submissions. This is called further submissions.

Following the release of the revised ‘Summary of Decisions Requested’, further submissions to the Proposed Rotorua District Plan were received between 16 September and 11 October 2013.

Please note that both a ‘further submission’ that was provided based on the original or the revised ‘Summary of Decisions Requested’, will be considered by the council.

Decision and Appeal

The Rotorua Lakes Council must give its decision on the provisions and matters raised in the submissions including its reasons for accepting or rejecting submissions. On 30 October council will consider a 17 November release date of decisions made on the proposed district plan.
Any person who has made a submission or further submission has the right to appeal to the Environment Court about Council's decision.

Consent Orders

MRP Fonterra Contact - Consent Order CO.20 - Download here
Sigma Consultants - Consent Order CO.29 - Download here
Federated Farmers-Hancock Forest-Rural Contractors - Consent Order CO.7 CO.8 CO.9 - Download here
Kaingaroa Timberlands Partnership - Consent Order CO.6 - Download here
Contact Energy-Signed Consent Order CO.1 - Download here
Waikato Regional Council - Signed Consent Order CO.10 - Download here
NZTA - Signed Consent Order CO.16 - Download here

View the Proposed District Plan 

The proposed district plan (including the various parts, appendices and maps), research, fact sheets and section 32 report can be viewed by clicking the link below. Alternatively, you can inspect the proposed plan at the Council's Customer Centre or the Rotorua District Library during opening hours.


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