District Plan - Proposed


The life span of a district plan is up to ten years before it must be reviewed. The Operative Rotorua District Plan was one of the first to be prepared under the Resource Management Act 1991. The Operative Plan has undergone an intensive review with the exception of Part 20 Lakes A Zone.  The Lakes A Zone includes lakes Okataina, Tarawera, Rotomahana, Okaro, Rotokakahi (Green), Tikitapu (Blue) and Okareka including their catchments, but does not form part of this review. The next district plan, called the Proposed Rotorua District Plan was notified on 31 October 2012. The process for public participation in the consideration of the Proposed Plan under the Act is outlined below.

Submissions and ‘Summary of Decisions Requested’ Report

Submissions to the Proposed Rotorua District Plan closed on 1 March 2013 with 518 submissions received. The revised ‘Summary of Decisions Requested’, which summarises the decisions requested by submitters was publicly released on 14 September 2013. Click the link to view the Submissions and Summary of Decisions Requested report.

Further Submissions

Any person has an opportunity to submit in support or in opposition to these submissions. This is called further submissions.

Following the release of the revised ‘Summary of Decisions Requested’, further submissions to the Proposed Rotorua District Plan were received between 16 September and 11 October 2013.

Please note that both a ‘further submission’ that was provided based on the original or the revised ‘Summary of Decisions Requested’, will be considered by the council.



Please note that all hearings will be recorded.

If a person making a submission or further submission asks to be heard in support of that submission, a hearing must be held.
At a council meeting on 1 August it was decided to defer the hearings until after council elections.  The newly elected council will commence the hearing of submissions and further submissions on 3 March 2014 and conclude on 26 August 2014. Submitters will be formally notified of the hearing procedures, hearing schedule and access to the planners’ recommendation report no later than 10 working days prior to the hearing. The planners report will provide recommendations to the Councillors on what changes needs to be made to the proposed plan in response to submissions received and a copy of the plan in track-change for ease of reference.
Some topics may require further discussion and/or further research. In those cases RDC planners will make contact later this year to discuss individual submissions and engage technical experts before planners’ reports are prepared.

Antoine Coffin has been appointed as the TARIT and Raukawa commissioner for the hearings of the District Plan. Antoine will be participating at the hearings for Part 9 Rural, Part 10 Reserves, Community Assets and Water, Part 13 Subdivision, Part 17 Definitions and submissions across various chapters. Consistent with the decision made at the Council meeting held 12 December 2013, Mr Coffin’s participation on specific matters related to the Vision and Strategy of the Waikato River will give effect to the Joint Management Agreements (JMA) signed in 2012 and 2013.

Hearing Schedules and Reports

Please be advised that some submission points relating to Rotorua lakes, their settlements and lake structures across all chapters, and matters of national and district strategic importance, whilst still contained in each of these reports, have been re-allocated.
If for any reason you are unable to access the reports which will be issued 10 working days prior to the hearings, or you have any other technical requirements, or queries regarding a scheduled hearing, please contact Anita Galland by email anita.galland@rdc.govt.nz or by telephone on 07 351 8621.

The Hearing Schedule for March is as follow:


​5​Eastside Development

Hearing Schedule
Planners Report (Future Growth)

Planners Report (Planning Maps)
  Rural 2 Land Available for Development


​27-29Submissions Across Various Chapters 

​​ Hearing Schedule
 Planners Report (1.54mb)
User Guide
 Part 4 Residential - Tracked

Part 5 - City Centre
Part 6 – Commercial
Part 7 – Industrial
 Part 9 Rural - Tracked Change
Part 13 Subdivision - Tracked Changes
Part 15 - Network Utilities
Part 17 - Definitions
Appendix 3 - Road Hierarchy and Appendix 4 Parking and Turning Appendix 8 Signage - Tracked

SNA Review
Development Plan Approval
Boffa Miskell Review Report for:
 PDP Submissions 2014

​ ​Note:    The track-changes of the other chapters and the completed report that has reviewed the boundaries of significant natural areas will be provided before the end of the week.
​11-12Part 17 Definitions           Hearing Schedule
Planners Report
​4 - 5​Planning Maps​Hearing Schedule
Planners Report
 Rural 2 Land Available for Development
Hearing Schedule
Planners Report – Introduction
Planners Report - Rezone 1
Planners Report - Rezone 2
Planners Report - Rezone 3
Planners Report - Rezone 4
Planners Report - Rezone 5
Planners Report - Rezone 6
Planners Report - Rezone 7
Planners Report - Rezone 8
Planners Report - Rezone 9
Planners Report - Rezone 10

​Lakes Structure and Lakeside

Hearing Schedule
Planners Report
​21-22​Part 10 - Reserves, Community
Assets and Water

Hearing Schedule
Planners Report

​8​Lake Water Quality & Transferrable Development Rights 

Hearing Schedule
Planners Report
Appendix 1


​1, 2, & 7​Part 13 - SubdivisionsHearing Schedule
Schedule Addendum
Planners Report
Subdivision Addendum


​23​Part 16 -  Hazardous Substances

Hearing Schedule
Planners Report
Planners Report - Tracked changes


​23 - 24​ Part 12 Future Growth

Hearing Schedule
Planners Report
 Future Residential Subdivision Analysis

​5​ Lakes Structure Discussion Document 
​3 & 4Part 9 – Rural  
Please Note : The recommendations
will be loaded in due course
Hearing Schedule
Planners Report


​26Appendix 6 – Designations & Rural Roads Hearing Schedule
Planners Report
 Appendice 3 (2.6MB)
 Appendice 4 (1.5MB)
 Appendice 5 (2.5MB)
​19 - 20​Part 4 - ResidentialHearing Schedule
Planners Report
​5-6Part 15 - Network Utilities              

Hearing Schedule      
Planners Report      

​6-7Part 5 - City Centre                             Hearing Schedule
Planners Report
Planners Report (working copy)


​1-2Appendix 5 ​Development Plans​​Hearing Schedule
Planners Report
​2Appendix 7 – Airport Noise & Development Control   Hearing Schedule
Planners Report
​2Part 14 – Financial Contributions   Hearing Schedule
Planners Report
​14Part 8 - Business InnovationHearing Schedule
Planners Report
​14-15Part 6 - Commercial ​Hearing Schedule
Planners Report
​28-29Part 7 Industrial ​ Hearing Schedule
 Planners Report


​3​Part 1 - Our District PlanHearing Schedule
Part 1 - Our District Plan Report
​4Part 3 - Iwi Cultural Heritage
& Economic Resources
Hearing Schedule
 Part 3 - Iwi report
​4 - 5​Appendix 10 - ​EarthworksHearing Schedule
Appendix 10 - ​Earthworks
​5​​Appendix 3 - Road Hierarchy
Appendix 4 - Parking & Turning 
Hearing Schedule
Appendix 3 - Road Hierarchy
and Appendix 4 - Parking & Turning


​​Part 2 – Matters of National &
District Strategic Importance

Hearing Schedule


​Part 2 – Matters of National &
District Strategic Importance


​Part 2 – Matters of National &
District Strategic Importance Rules


​Appendix 2 – National Heritage and Inventory 

Hearing Schedule


​Appendix 1 – Cultural Heritage and Inventory

Hearing Schedule


​Appendix 9 – Matters of National Importance

​Appendix 9 now included in Part 2 above.  

​​Part 2
Volume 1

​Hearing Report

​​Part 2 - Volume 1 - Hearing Report

​Part 2
Volume 2 - Appendix 1         

​Part 1 Matters of Strategic Importance
Part 2 Matters of National Importance

 Part 1 Matters of Strategic

 Part 2 Matters of National Importance

Alteration to Section 42 - Hearing Report -  Matters of Strategic Importance

​Part 2 – Volume 3 Hearing Report Appendix 2

​Appendix 9 Part 2 assessment criteria
Appendix 1 Cultural Heritage
Appendix 2 Natural Heritage

Appendix 9 Part 2 assessment criteria
Appendix 1 Cultural Heritage
Appendix 2 Natural Heritage Rules

Part 2 – Volume 4 - Hearing Report Appendix 3     ​Summary of Recommendations

Summary of Decisions

Hearing Schedule

Draft Hearing Schedule (March - August)
Note:  This schedule is subject to change but that the dates are fixed.

Decision and Appeal

The Rotorua District Council must give its decision on the provisions and matters raised in the submissions including its reasons for accepting or rejecting submissions.   Council is legally required to issue submission decisions by 31 October 2014 (two years after the plan was notified).
Any person who has made a submission or further submission has the right to appeal to the Environment Court about Council's decision.

View the Proposed District Plan 

The proposed district plan (including the various parts, appendices and maps), research, fact sheets and section 32 report can be viewed by clicking the link below. Alternatively, you can inspect the proposed plan at the Council's Customer Centre or the Rotorua District Library during opening hours.


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