Annual Plan 2014/15

Cover Page of Annual Plan 2014/15 with a reversed out nlack and white image of a crowd at an event waving their arms The annual plan is a document the council adopts each year that sets out the budget and the sources of funding for the year. The annual plan is prepared in the years between each Long-term Plan.

Annual Plan 2014/15 documents

 Annual Plan 2014/15 (Full document - PDF 4MB)


  Introduction (PDF 294 KB)
-  Message from the Mayor

   Rotorua 2030 (PDF 1.7KB)
-  New Direction - Rotorua 2030
-  Council's 2016 priorities delivered in 2014/15
-  Community development
-  Financial strategy
-  Community engagement

  Delivering our Services (PDF 1KB)
-  Governance and Engagement
-  Planning and Policy
-  Emergency Management
-  Aquatic Centre
-  District Library
-  Events and Venues
-  Gardens, Reserves and Sports grounds
-  Pensioner Housing
-  Rotorua Museum
-  Economic Development
-  Consenting Services
-  Regulatory Services
-  Roads and Footpaths
-  Sewerage and Sewage
-  Stormwater and Land Drainage
-  Waste Management
-  Water Supplies
-  Council controlled organisations

 Financial Statements (PDF 459KB)
-  Purpose of financial statements
-  Prospective statement of comprehensive income
-  Prospective statement of financial position
-  Prospective statement of cash flows
-  Summary of corporate services and internal business unit
-  Funding impact statements – council services

  Funding and Policies (PDF 1.6MB)
-  Statement of accounting policies
-  Rating policy
-  Rates funding impact statement

  Fees and Charges (PDF 530MB)
-  Animal control fees and charges
-  Building services fees and charges
-  Environmental health fees and charges
-  Resource Management Act fees and charges

  Appendices (PDF 452KB)
-  Committee structure
-  Surplus performance measures
-  Index







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